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a year ago-
Kevin is very professional and personable. He is upbeat and passionate about his work. Kevin made the process very easy, was thorough, and always available when I had questions. He generated my report quickly! Thank you! I will definitely be recommending your services to my friends and family.

Kostas Stefanidis
a year ago-
If I could give more stars on here I would. I'll start the review before the actual inspection. I called to schedule the appointment and I was immediately greeted by a friendly and professional individual. Scheduling the appointment was smooth as Kevin was very communicative throughout.

During the inspection Kevin was thorough, had all the necessary tools (including this super duper ladder), and was extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the house. Majestic Inspections takes videos during the process that explain both good and bad items. The inspection process was professional, fun, and reasonably priced -- Highly recommended!

5 star rated inspections and customer support

Because being the best at what you do is the only option ! 

Bob Formisano
a year ago-
A+ Outstanding competency and service. Kevin McGrath's company Majestic Inspection Services conducted the most professional and comprehensive home inspection I have ever seen as an architect. Using videos, photos, IR camera and various meters he documented and evaluated all home systems thoroughly. The preparation Kevin brought to the septic inspection caught a major issue on a County permit issued 18 years ago and prevented a major hidden problem from being exposed after purchase. Kevin is totally customer focused and responsive and I strongly recommend this guy.

Majestic Inspection Services is an outstanding resource for your piece of mind, whether you're buying or selling!! Kevin is on top of the game not only did he let me follow him around, he let my father-in-law and realtor as well, just blasting him with questions. He answered everything we threw at him without hesitation and with complete frankness and honesty! He is prompt, prepared, knowledegable, detailed and understanding. I will return to him and I will refer him to all my friends and family!!

James Frye

Hi Kevin, It was a pleasure meeting you and having you inspect our home, (even though it was for someone else...). You’re so much more fun than the inspector we used for the house we are looking to buy in Chelsea. I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a home inspector!
Best wishes, Mark & Elfi Solsburg
Hi Kevin from Majestic Inspections,        I just wanted to let you know that after we withdrew our offer for C. Rd house, the owners came back and agreed to make concessions if we would come back to the table. So we agreed to come back to negotiations and got them to make the necessary financial concessions for us to buy the house. The Radon problem has already been fixed by our contractors and our electricians are in there today upgrading the outlets and putting in a whole new breaker box, etc. according to your inspection.  I contacted a family friend in the septic business and have placed an order for the best granular septicleanse heavy shocker and regular septic maintenance system to be delivered to the house after we move in this weekend. All we have left to do is the cap on the chimney. I'm glad we withdrew our offer but I am also glad the sellers came to their senses and realized they shouldn't let a cash buyer go and that the concessions were necessary for everyone to be happy.  I kept looking and found that all in all we ended up with a good deal and will now have a home we can love and feel safe in. Thank you Majestic Inspections for letting us know what was needed before we bought.   Thanks again for all your help. It's great to have an inspector that does such a through and honest job. You helped make us feel secure with knowledge and in the end get the house we wanted, the way we should have gotten it. Thank You Kevin. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone looking to buy a home that wants to be well informed of everything.   Kindest Regards and appreciation,   Mr & Mrs Stephen Schnurmacher Adrian, Michigan

The Power of Referrals

This is a prime example of why I give 125% every day I'm representing a client, otherwise I won't get out of bed.

Jill was sick with the flu the day I arrived to inspect their home, later that night she went to the hospital and met Michelle.

The rest of the story is above in their words....

         It's not a job, it's a Passion

Michelle Morrow  1/19/14

I had originally scheduled an inspection with another company and was going to be paying an arm and a leg. Being a nurse at a local hospital, I come into contact with so many different people, one being a young lady who talked to me about Majestic Inspections and how great Kevin was.

She had just had her inspection with him and said I absolutely have to call him because she had nothing but positive things to say about him.
That same night, I had called Kevin and he was very competitive when it came to pricing. I ended up cancelling my previous inspection company and Kevin worked me in that same week.

Boy am I glad I did!! My first experience with him was with a house that was a dump. If it wasn't for Kevin's honesty, professionalism, and direction, I would have been horribly let down months from now, when all the issues started becoming apparent.

I was in tears and very upset but he stayed in contact with me and encouraged me to find something better. With his detailed report, I was able to use the issues in the first house to find a much better house.

After finding another one, I had contacted him again because I had such a great experience with him and he worked me in within 2 days. He also, gave me a "returning customer discount" which was even better.
Without him, I don't know if I would have found, in his words, "a gem of a house." It is not too often that you find someone who is so good at communication and who is very thorough, personable and so good at what he does, with still not draining your pocket book.

I was confident every step of the way when working with Kevin. I highly recommend him!!
Jill Welch 1/5/14

If you are looking for an inspector that is knowledgeable, professional, and detailed oriented, then you want to hire Kevin from Majestic Inspection Services. My husband and I were on different work schedules and both wanted to attend the inspection. Kevin was willing to work around our schedule and fit us in within days of calling.

His website was easy to maneuver and I was able to order the exact services that we needed for our new home. The services are described in detail and give a price so we were not left wondering how much Kevin's services would cost.

Once our inspection was scheduled Kevin stayed in close contact with us answering any/all questions that we had regarding services. The day of the inspection Kevin was right on time. He got to work right away explaining every step of the process along the way In each room that he went in.

Kevin went above and beyond his duty. My husband walked around with him and Kevin pointed out flaws, repairs, as well as different features of the home that were unique. Kevin even made suggestions on different home improvements that would lower our monthly bills.
I could certainly tell that Kevin loved his job. He took pride in his work as well as in his top notch equipment! Our inspection was sent to us within a day and a half and again he was in communication with us the entire time updating us on the completion.
The document described in detail every flaw that Kevin saw whether it was big or small.
He even included pictures of different items that were either in need of repair, or already had been repaired.

Another great thing about Majestic Inspection Services is they work with you on the cost. Discounts are given to a number of different professions including teachers and the military. Our home inspection was very affordable and we are extremely happy with our decision of having Kevin from Majestic Inspection Services do our home inspection. We Highly recommend Majestic Inspection Services!

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I expect utter honesty whether it's good, bad or ugly.

Thank You               Kevin

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Kevin McGrath did a very thorough inspection for us that revealed expensive issues needing to be addressed before purchasing a house. If it weren't for Kevin, we could have purchased a house that would have cost us almost $10,000 in repairs!  Besides Kevin being a great inspector,  he's a man you can trust, which meant the world to us. We would surely hire him again & highly recommend him to anyone needing a qualified, trustworthy inspector!
Lynnette & John Jackowski

Ed Arrow
4 months ago-
My wife and I are first time home buyers so we definitely wanted to go with the best and I know we found that with Kevin. This guy could teach classes on customer experience if he wanted. From responding quickly to having snacks for my kid and a positive attitude that can't be taught, I'm convinced no one out there is better.

I confirmed that after I sent a copy of the report over to a family member who has been building homes for over 30 years. I didn't even ask what he thought about the inspection but his first comment was, "That's the best inspection I've ever seen."

I appreciated that Kevin took the time to record comments on points of concern... It definitely helped when we reviewed things later. I'm confident that our home was thoroughly inspected by the best and we received the biggest bang for our buck.... Great work Kevin!

Our Reviews speak for themselves nobody else even comes close!