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Reports are available 24 to 48 hrs after the inspection 

You deserve the very best for your money and that includes a complete, thorough inspection of the attic, crawlspace, roof top both physically and with thermal imagery.

                  These are the areas that if left unchecked will haunt you later.

If your Inspector is not including a complete physical inspection of these areas in addition to thermal imagery  infrared camera sweeps, your potential home has NOT been properly inspected.

     Mediocrity Is not an Option

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All reports are the sole property of my client

Their integrity is protected by encryption and they are (read only) .pdf files viewed with Adobe reader, they are not able to be edited or altered in any way.

If you are working with a realtor and are directed to me by their recommendation please make your email address available to them so the report may be sent to you the day I inspect the home, this is your property and it's content and conclusions are for your disclosure only .

If you prefer it burnt to a disk I will gladly accommodate this request.

Here is a link to install Adobe Reader for Windows 


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