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Michigan is not without it's share of destructive insects that favor the wood in both old and new  homes.

The damage they do quickly surpasses cosmetic and compromises the actual structure and integrity of homes in a short amount of time as they establish their colony.

We quickly locate these insects in the places they create a habitat and recommend the proper procedure to end the damage, facilitate necessary repairs and protect your investment.

Wood Destroying Insects,Organisms  W D I  / W D O

Environmental Air Quality Testing for Mold and Allergens

IAC2 Certified Mold testing is available with Lab backed results from the EMSL Lab of Ann Arbor.      

Collection of visible mold and lab test .

A stand alone mold Inspection of property with Lab sample 


Commercial Inspections are performed using the industry's best equipment .


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Our reports are easily read and understood with full high definition pics and video clips when a picture just doesn't tell the story sufficiently.

Full Thermal imagery pictures and critical readings such as CO, humidity and temperature documented in the crucial areas of the structure.

These are common insertions in our reports, no other inspection company will offer this



                                   Your Ann Arbor Washtenaw County Home Inspection Professional

Infrared Thermal Imagery is now available as an additional available service for our clients .

20 cents per foot

Otherwise it's included FREE with every Home Inspection.

      Ann Arbor Professional Home Commercial Inspection Services

  • Certified Pools and Spa inspections                      
  • Certified Manufactured home inspections            
  • Certified residential mold inspector                        
  • Certified Stucco, EIFS Inspector
  • Certified Wood damaging insect inspections
  • Certified Thermal Imagery/ energy audits
  • Certified Commercial Inspections and Thermal Imagery
  • Radon Testing professional , with the industry's top instrumentation.                               


If you suspect you have mold due to painful joints, muscles, lethargic, breathing problems

call me, this is nothing to play with it has the potential to kill you ...

Ohio Commercial Property Inspections

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We offer the most comprehensive structural inspection available today

Utilizing the best Thermal Imagery equipment available to enhance home Inspections and reports .

Expect an unprecedented examination of your potential home in areas such as load center, branch circuitry, insulation, fireplaces, roofs, attic spaces,crawl spaces, structure, plumbing, foundation.

Energy Audits with low cost follow ups after repairs have been done to evaluate the effectiveness.

Home Inspections in Lucas County, Ohio

Exterior Insulation and Finish System Services (EIFS) inspections and consulting

These systems and exteriors are actually superb, it's the installation flaws and errors in flashing that have given it a bad reputation.

Do not run from a dream home because this exterior is used, I'll analyze it fully for you .

It's surely a superior finish to your tacky vinyl siding .

This review from a U of M College Professor
"A-1 service.
Extremely detailed inspection. Caught a major issue with kitchen cabinets that would have eluded many other inspectors.
Lightning quick report. Lower prices than most and extremely good value.
Best inspector I ever dealt with."

                                  Nicola Terrenato

We are licensed Well & Septic System professionals