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Home Inspections in Lucas County, Ohio
Ohio Commercial Property Inspections

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Toledo Ohio and Ann Arbor Michigan Most Qualified Commercial and Residential Inspector 

                           We do NOT inspect mobile homes, they are prone to plumbing freezing 

                                   I am not the "Cheapest Inspector"  nor do I want to be, I am the "Best" .

Inspections canceled on the same day without 24 hrs notice are responsible for 50% of the inspection Fee

Add 4% to fees if using a debit or credit card

Add 4% to fees if using a credit or debit card 

       Condo Inspections        Washtenaw County

    ​$300.00   1500 sq ft max

Commercial Property Inspections

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If another inspector will do the job for less than us, it's because he's doing less than us on the inspection.     

                Saving 50 to $100 on a cheaper inspection may feel like a smart idea now, but later when you're moved in and thousands of dollars of needed repairs are discovered, then you will certainly need that extra hundred dollars you saved with your bargain inspector, and a second job to pay for the rest.


Commercial Structural Inspections Expert  


  • 1000 sq ft or less  $325.00
  • 1000 to 1500 sq ft $375.00
  • 1500 to 2000 sq ft $400.00
  • 2000 to 2500 sq ft $425.00
  • 2500 to 3000 sq ft $475.00
  • 3000 to 3500 sq ft $550.00

          3500 to 4000 sq ft $650.00      


          Mold testing and samples $250.00 inspection fee $50.00 per lab sample (includes full report and lab results) 

          Septic Inspections $400.00 with full video report (I dig up and fully inspect the tank) the other guys do NOT 

          Water samples Bacterial $75.00  FHA, Rural, VA $175.00  nitrate, nitrate, bacterial,lead, arsenic 

          Insect Termite $75.00 ​​

    A home inspection (Contractor) does NOT include specialized     services such as radon, water testing .  

I do however include  Infrared Thermal  and Pest inspections in the price.          



  In Life You get what you pay for, with Majestic Inspection Services you are guaranteed  that you are hiring the best trained, best equipped, InterNACHI Licensed Inspector in SE Mi.

You are receiving a cutting edge report created by an Inspector who has paid his dues with 27 years in the Industry.

Former Skilled tradesman for a cutting edge manufacturing firm

Field Service engineer trained in Germany, manufacturing facility type structures and all of their complexities are my specialty

We are including the full utilization of Top dollar Infrared Thermal Imagery cameras into the inspection.

call around and see what the competition has to offer, it won't even come close.

The structural Infrared thermal imagery alone is worth the cost of the inspection, and It's included  FREE.

Just ask for it, weather permitting I'll include it for you

We Inspect commercial properties as well